Once again we headed down to the Angus Youth Roundup in January. This time it was held in Armidale and we took a small team of six head of cattle for Brooke and Jake, and Isabel Glasser. We loaned three head to older Juniors Lane Evans, Laura Harris and Nat Grylls, and we would like to thank them for all their hard work and for mentoring the younger Team GK junior competitors over the four days of the show.

All six head won ribbons, standing in the top five in class. Jake and Brooke showed the Champion Cow, GK Red Tinsel 23 J18 (pictured). Laura Harris paraded GWP Larry to win the baby bull class, and Issy Glasser showed GK Red Dina 164 K33 to second place in a very big class.

The Team GK Juniors all did very well placing in their Paraders classes on the last day of the show, with Lane being named Reserve Senior Champion Parader. Congratulations also goes to Nat Grylls, who was selected as Champion Intermediate Herdsman.