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Queensland Red Angus Power of Red IV

The Iseppi family are proud to be supporting the fourth Annual Power of Red Sale to be held at 11am on Saturday the 8th of September 2018 at the Headingly Sale Complex, Clifton Qld.

GK will be offering five top quality yearling and rising two-year-old bulls and five lovely heifers.

We are also offering six, held off the open market genetic packages that we have made available especially for this event.

All of our live lots have again been vaccinated for Tickfever, (3 germ blood), 7 in 1, Pestiguard and 3 day sickness and all have been PI tested for Pestivirus.

All of the GK lots are registered with the Red Angus Society of Australia, and are either dual registered with Angus Australia or are eligible to be herd book registered with Angus Australia.

The GK Herd is a Qld J-Bas 7, check tested Herd. Our cattle are eligible to travel to all states of Australia.

All GK Sale bulls have been Semen tested and vaccinated for Vibrio.

The GK Sale Females have been vet checked for breeding soundness.

Note: All GK females being offered as unjoined (in Power of Red IV) sell with the option of 2 units of semen in either one of our two new sires Tradition 111C or Assassin 624D. Please see terms and conditions listed below

Terms and conditions:
*Semen Shipping and Handling costs are the (heifer) purchaser’s sole responsibility.

*The Sire choice must be selected and semen released from our private storage at Select Genetics prior to December 24th 2018, after this date the offer becomes invalid. (This is due to the very limited supply we have in Australia on these two bulls)

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Rising two-year-old Bulls


  • GK M45
  • Magic M45 was the calf at side of GK Red Ruba 26 G40 when she won the Urquhart Trophy for Supreme Beef Exhibit at the 2017 Sydney Royal.
  • Extremely powerful, deep bodied, high performance bull with added length and standing on good bone.
  • His Sire Hot Spin H49 was imported from Canada as an embryo and has been our senior walking Sire at GK for several years producing excellent progeny.
  • SNP profiled and parent verified, dual registered HBR with both the Angus and RA Societies. GK is a Qld J-Bas 7 herd making our lots eligible to travel to all States.
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  • GK M34
  • High performance, very athletic sire prospect, with an outcross pedigree.
  • One of the first bulls to sell by WPRA Legacy in Australia and is out of a broody, big high capacity Pasquale daughter in H24 who is one of our best producing young cows, with a perfect udder.
  • A maternal brother to M34 sold in POR III last year for $7000.
  • Top 1% of the breed for 200, 400 and 600 day weight, Carcase Weight and Northern Steer Index Values.
  • Top 5% for Supermarket Trade Index and Retail Beef Yield.
  • Top 20% for milk.
  • SNP profiled and parent verified, dual registered HBR with both the Angus and RA Societies.
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  • GK N18
  • Night Vision N18 is a stylish, big topped, very growth yearling who was imported from Canada as an embryo.
  • His Sire is the triple trait leader and breed legend Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P and his Dam is a direct daughter of the famous Red Sten Essence 42G cow and the Maternal Giant and multi trait leader for Growth and Milk, New Trend 22D.
  • N18 sits in the top 5% of the breed for 200, 400 and 600 day weight, carcase weight and Northern Steer Index Values on Group Breedplan.
  • He is also in the top 20% of the Breed for Milk, Eye Muscle area, Rib and Rump Fat and Marbling (IMF).
  • Eligible for Herdbook registration with Angus Australia.
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Lot 30 – GK RED 75 NEXT STEP N16 (ET) (AI)

  • GK N16
  • N16 is a moderate framed, stout young bull with loads of muscle mass. Small born and with an awesome temperament, Next Step is the result of an embryo imported from Canada, being sired by the successful Canadian black red carrier DMM Creed 75W and out of the gorgeous donor cow Red
    Northline Cream Soda.
  • Full sister N14 sells today in POR IV also as Lot 37.
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Lot 31 – GK RED 1B NEXUS N21 (AI)

  • GK N21
  • Nexus N21 is the youngest bull in the sale being just shy of 12 months of age.
  • N21 is a moderate framed, thick topped calf with plenty of rib shape and ease of fleshing. He is a son of new Canadian Sire Red Double B Bullseye 1B who has sired a great set of weaners at GK in his first year of use.
  • N21 was small born while still maintaining figures well over breed average for growth staying in the top 35% of the breed. Dam H01 is a consistent breeding female who was purchased out of POR I in 2015.
  • A maternal brother sold for $9000 in POR II and has bred really well over Brahman females.
  • This young N21 bull would do the same in a cross breeding situation and would be very safe to use over maiden heifers.
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  • GK N03
  • N03 is a sweet fronted, long sided, clean made heifer sired by our walking Sire Hot Spin H49 and is from the Arabella Cow Family.
  • Her Dam F12 was a past Sydney place-getter with a divine udder and a load of milk quality which is no surprise being sired by Milk trait leader Red DMM Thump.
  • Grand Dam A30 won 2008 Brisbane Royal Supreme Interbreed Cow and was a maternal sister to trait leader GK Federer F23.
  • Arabella N03 is the first female in Australia to sell AI’d to 2016 Canadian National Champion Red Angus Bull, Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C she scanned pregnant to this joining (no other exposure), due mid January 2019.
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Lot 35 – GK RED ROSE 3A N10 (AI)

  • GK N10
  • Rose N10 is a very unique heifer being out of our beautiful Rose K12 cow, who was imported from Wheeler Stock Farms of Saskatchewan, Canada as an embryo and sired by our calving ease and maternal sire Kodiak 3A.
  • N10 was early born with a very moderate birth weight yet has grown into a very soft heifer with plenty enough performance.
  • N10 is in the top 25% of the Breed for Milk and (low) Birthweight on Breedplan while still retaining above breed average growth figures.
  • Sells unjoined , with buyers choice of 2 units of semen in either of our new sires Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C or Red Cockburn Assassin. (Both of which are not on the open market in Australia)
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Lot 36 – GK RED RUBA 21 N11 (ET) (AI)

  • GK N11
  • Ruba N11 is a low birthweight, lovely soft, sweet fronted heifer.
  • She is out of our super cow, the 2017 Sydney Urquhart Trophy winner (Supreme Beef Exhibit) GK Red Ruba 26 G40 and is sired by the past U.S National Champion bull and successful Sire, Red Lazy MC Trooper 21Y. This joining has worked really well with a full sister being named Junior Champion heifer at Brisbane in 2016 and selling to Black Diamond Angus as a yearling. They then showed her on as a two year old cow to the Senior Cow Championship at 2018 Sydney Royal Show.
  • A full brother sold to Goonoo Red Angus in Power of Red III last year, topping the yearling bull division at $7500. Sells unjoined with buyer’s choice of 2 units of either Tradition 111C or Assassin 624D.
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Lot 37 – GK RED CREAM SODA N14 (ET) (AI)

  • GK N14
  • N14 is the first daughter to sell in Australia out of the magnificent Canadian Donor Cow Red Northline Cream Soda 241X.
  • Cream Soda N14 is a deep bodied, moderate framed, soft made heifer with a lovely temperament.
  • She is sired by the Champion Canadian Black/ Red Carrier Sire DMM Creed 75W who has bred well in Canada and here in Australia for RDM Angus.
  • Sells Unjoined with buyers choice of two units of semen in either of our two new Sires Tradition 111C or Assassin 624D.
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Lot 38 – GK RED DINA 1B N34 (AI)

  • GK N34
  • N34 is from the first drop of calves at GK sired by Bullseye 1B.
  • Her dam is a lovely Federer daughter from the very consistent Dina cow family.
  • N34 suffered a setback while still on her dam (on the lease block) having found her with her head stuck in the fork of a tree and in a bad way, she was extremely lucky we found her when we did. We think N34 has a world of potential ahead of her.
  • This heifer is a lovely natured heifer with a great spread of figures being in the top 5% of the Red Angus breed for 200, 400 & 600 day growth and Carcase Weight and still being in the top 35% of the breed for milk on Group Breedplan.
  • Sells unjoined with the option of two units in either of our new sires Tradition 111C or Assassin 624D.
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Embryo Lots

LOT 42

Dam: GK RED 23 CHEROK J28 (GK J28)

  • Selling two packages of 3 first grade frozen embryos. Stored at Holbrook Breeders NSW.
  • These packages of embryos offer some new fresh bloodlines being sired by the 2017 Canadian National Champion Red Angus Bull Red Lazy MC Tradition and out our gorgeous Cherok J28 cow.
  • J28 produced the 2016 Brisbane Royal Junior Champion Bull on her first attempt. J28 is a magnificent daughter of Federer and the old Cherok X09 cow, who was imported from Brylor Ranch, Canada as an embryo.
  • We are looking forward to seeing the full siblings to these embryos hit the ground at GK next year.
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Semen Packages


  • Selling 4 packages of semen, stored at Select Genetics.
  • Assassin 624D was the top selling yearling bull in the Cockburn/Merit bull Sale for $77,500 CAD to Brylor Ranch, Alberta. GK secured only a very limited amount of semen on this young standout sire. 624D is a very well balanced bull combining low birth weight, explosive growth, outstanding phenotype and a balanced set of figures and he is also from Cockburn’s leading cow family.
  • Assassin’s Dam is an exceptional young cow and is a maternal sister to Cockburn Ribeye 308U.
  • A maternal sister to Assassin sold for $15,000 CAD in the Power and Perfection Sale in Canada.
  • Actual Birth Weight: 35 kg ActualWeaning Weight: 409 kg @ 8 months.
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  • Selling 3 packages of semen, stored at Select Genetics.
  • Mulberry is a breed legend worldwide known for his perfect uddered daughters and thick easy doing Sons.
  • A trait leader in Australia for all growth traits and still top 25% of the breed for Milk, Mulberry is also well known for producing progeny that finish easily on grass.
  • Sire of the Supreme Beef Exhibit Sydney 2017, Supreme Beef Cow Sydney 2015, Hordern Trophy winning cow Sydney 2014, Hordern Trophy winning bull Sydney 2012, Supreme Beef Bull Brisbane 2012, Supreme Beef Exhibit Melbourne 2012.
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  • 3 packages of semen, stored at Select Genetics.
  • Tradition started out as a standout calf at Lazy MC, selling as pick of the bull calves in the 2015 Cowgirls Sale in Canada to Nordal Farms for $29,000.
  • Fast forward to the 2017 and Tradition was named Canadian Red Angus Show bull of the year after winning Champion Red Angus Bull at Olds Fall Classic and National Champion Red Angus bull at Farmfair.
  • Tradition is a bull that we believe will fit into Australian programs well.
  • He is a thick topped, big ribbed bull with a good front end, while maintaining enough growth for our industry. Couple this with a great set of feet and a short slick coat and he ticks most of the boxes as far as we are concerned being out of a sound, good uddered, hard working cow and sired by the successful WPRA Legacy bull.
  • There will only be a very limited release of Tradition semen in Australia, these being the only packages to sell this Spring and Summer.
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  • 2 packages of semen, stored at Farmers Breeding Supplies.
  • Fat Tony is a bull with amazing phenotype and was named the 2011 US National Champion Red Angus Bull in Denver.
  • He is a proven low birthweight sire who will put power and muscle into his progeny along with amazing temperaments, high EMA’s and High IMF.
  • Fat Tony sired the top price bull at both the 2015 and 2016 Red Angus National Sales.
  • His semen has been off the open market for several years now and is hard to find.
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  • Selling 5 straws of semen, stored at Farmers Breeding Supplies.
  • Very limited semen came into Australia on this eye appealing sire.
  • Chuck Norris was a three time division champion in Denver at the National Western Stock Show.
  • Chuck Norris has bred well siring the 2016 Adelaide Royal Grand Champion Bull and the 2017 Sydney Senior Champion Bull.
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