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Private Sales

We presently have a group of high quality, registered yearling and weaner bulls, available for sale on-farm.

This group includes Red Angus and Red Simmental bulls produced through AI and ET, by breed leading, imported and Australian sires.

The majority have been blooded with 3 germ blood at weaning, and are backed by Breedplan figures.

The bulls are currently running on rough native pasture to develop them safely and are being given a loose lick mineral supplement.

Please call or email for prices and more information.

Below: GK weaner bulls on the oats.

Available for private sale – Red Simmental Yearling Sire Prospect:

GK 130 MORANO M11 (P)


This outstanding yearling son of MRL Capone130B has an amazing temperament.

He displays an awesome set of feet, a slick coat and loads of rib shape and muscle, combined with the softness required to breed progeny that will finish.

His dam is our foundation female Keepsake H6 who is breeding extremely well for us.

Pictured at 9 months.


We have a select group of females available for private sale on farm.