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Bulls for Private Sale

We currently have the below Red Angus & Red Simmental bulls for sale by private treaty.

All bulls have been blooded for Tick fever, PI tested negative, vaccinated for 7 in 1, Pestigard, Vibrio, 3 Day and are semen tested.

We are a J-Bas 7 check tested herd. Cattle can travel to all states.

Red Angus Bull For Sale


GK N28

DOB: 17/10/2017

Red Angus Bulls For Sale


GK N30 (left)

DOB: 02/11/2017


GK N13 (right)

DOB: 25/08/2017

Both of these bulls are sons of GK Red Ruba 26 G40.

Red Simmental Bull For Sale



DOB: 23/08/2017

Homozygous Polled

Red Angus Females for Private Sale

Due to the loss of agistment blocks and the ongoing dry, we are reluctantly offering a number of Red Angus females by private treaty. These are all females we would otherwise be retaining in the herd. Please contact us if you would like a price list and more information.

We are a J-Bas 7 check tested herd. Cattle can travel to all states.

All cows are up to date with 7 in 1, Pestiguard, Scourshield and 3 day vaccine. 

All heifers have been vaccinated with 7 in 1, Pestiguard and 3 day vaccine.

All cows and heifers and calves at foot are registered with the Red Angus of Australia and majority are registered with Angus Australia also (please enquire if more info needed about Angus Australia registration). Prices are open to negotiation if buyer is interested in numerous lots.


GK Red Siena N24

GK N24

Mulberry x Trendy Siena K9 (New Trend)

Bred to Cockburn Assassin 624D.

A show/donor cow prospect with an awesome set of figures. 

GK Red Cream Soda N19

GK N19

Northline Cream Soda 241X x Creed 75W

Bred to Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C.

GK Red Dina 1B N29

GK N29

Bullseye x Dina F27 (Thump)

Bred to Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C.

GK Red Whisper 23 M35

GK M35

GK Federer x Amaroo Park Whisper A18

This is one of our pick M heifers who unfortunately carries a pregnancy to an unknown Angus Sire who jumped the fence while on agistment.

GK Red Hot Bella M50

GK M50

GK Red Hotspin H49 x GK Red Bella X11 B30

This is the last heifer out of the great old B30. B30 was the dam of Kulcha Shoc, full sister to Arabella and maternal sister to Federer.

M50 was bred to Assassin then running with yearling Cockburn Ribeye son GWPN18.

GK Red Hot Violet M47

GK M47

GK Red Hotspin H49 x BST Tullatoola Violet D13 (BJR Make My Day)

Bred to Red Lazy MC Benelli.

GK Red Dina 26 M17

GK M17

2 year old Mulberry first calver with Dec 18 heifer calf at side by Red Lazy MC Trooper.

M17 bred to Tradition, then running with GWPN18.

GK Red Dina 23 K29

GK K29

Federer x Dina F27 (Thump)
with Dec 18 heifer calf at side by Red DKF Razor 55C

K29 was AI’d to Tradition then running with GWPN18.

K29 is in the top 1% for 200, 400, 600 day weight on Group Breedplan.

GK Maverick Whisper H18

GK H18

Red Corner Creek Cash x IBR Whisper S545

Sells bred to Red Flying W Maroon Five.

GK Red Dina 136 F35

GK F35

(Pictured with her N calf at foot – in start of 2018)

GK Red Dina A27 x BSTB136

This cow has been away on agistment and is only in store condition and sells with a good Dec bull calf at side sired by GK Red 23U Hotspin H49.

F35 is in the top 1% of the breed for 200, 400 & 600 day weight and top 10% for milk on Group Breedplan.

F35 is the dam of 2018 Brisbane Junior Champion heifer, GK Red Nymeria 1B N27. F35 is to be re-bred to Bullseye 1B.

Greenwood Park Trix H01


(Pictured with N calf)

GK Red Attention Seca x Trevone Park Trix E24

H01 sells with one twin heifer calf at foot by Double B Bullseye 1B and GK will retain the other identical twin heifer.

Sells implanted with Mulberry x 815J embryo.

Bull calves of H01 have averaged $7500 as yearlings for GK.




Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U x IBR Red Canyon

N18 is a yearling son of Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U, who was used as a joining sire with some of the above females.

Red Simmental Female for Private Sale

GK 139 Miss Amber M9 (PP) (AI) (R)


Sire: Woonallee Harry H139
Dam: Woonalee Amber J161 (Remington Red Label)

AI’ed to TNT 90 Proof 18/02/19

This homo polled heifer was the calf at side of Amber J161 when she won Reserve Senior Champion at Sydney Royal in 2017. Unfortunately we lost J161 last year due to complications with her leg being staked while on agistment, so this is her only daughter.

M9 is a long sided, pretty fronted daughter of Woonallee Harry, who also sired the Grand Champion Bull at last year’s National Sale. Harry is a full sister to the magnificent Charo H140 cow of Baker’s that won Supreme Beef Exhibit at Melbourne Royal a few years ago.

M9 has been away on agistment long term, so had not had the opportunity to be joined before now under the ordinary seasonal circumstances. Expect high udder and milk quality from this heifer when she comes into production.